Hi there. My name is Richard and I live in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Richard Bloomfield
June 2016 just before I started Slimming World

This blog is about my weight loss journey as a member of Slimming World.

It’s called Get It Off Me because it’s about recording my experience of losing weight, or rather getting it off me. The name is also a domain hack.

I’m not a Slimming World consultant. I don’t work for, receive any payment from, or have any relationship with the Slimming World company. I’m just a regular member, trying to lose a bit of weight, and hoping to share some of my experiences. All advice, information, or recipes shared here are based on my personal experience.

This is my fourth time doing Slimming World, and the reason I keep going  back is that I know it works. The first time I lost about 4 stone, and then life got in the way, and over the next two years I put it all back on again. The second time I lost 5 stone, and they I quit and it all went back on.

This time I start off at 24 stones (152kg), and hope to get at least 6 stones off within the space of a year. You can see how well I’ve done by checking my progress.

Please feel free to get in contact or write a comment on any blog post. You can also subscribe to get notified when I write something new using the form at the side of the page.

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